Improving Your Systems Will Increase Your Clinic's Revenue?


Yes, improving your operations will increase the total revenue of your medical practice.

One of the best ways you can do is make it more efficient. Efficiency is key in any business, so your medical spa should make sure to be it for your patients and to get good reviews. Make your medical spa or aesthetic practice more efficient with software, staff training, and an operations and management overhaul for 2018. 


There are different software applications you can use for your medical spa, which could make any procedures or processes faster and more efficiently. Which software applications would you need for your medical spa?

A practice management software should cover all scheduling and EHR. It should be something that will keep your records secure, and many experts suggest you should have an all-in-one type of EMR software; there are some EMR software that also includes marketing, which you should consider as well.

A cloud computing service would definitely help you store all the files you will need to protect, as an unprotected computer is vulnerable to viruses and hacking. While some EMRs have a cloud software, it would be better to have a backup from your EMR as well. You can use your Google Drive and even sign up for Dropbox.

A reputation management software seems necessary considering its impact on companies; some medical practices are even purchasing a software that would definitely help them. If you are looking for one you can check out Podium where that application would help attract more patients and get you more reviews.


There are different training programs available for non-medical staff. HIPAA and customer service are the two most important things you should consider when it comes to staff training. 

You must have your staff trained with HIPAA periodically. Aside from HIPAA, find them training with marketing or management. If staff is trained with marketing, they could help with selling your products and services. When it comes to staff training, you will need to train them with customer service as well, most especially considering you are dealing with patients almost daily.

Customer service play a huge impact on reviews as well, and if in some reviews some patients have noted your bedside manner, you may need to improve on it as well.


Managing staff and operations could be a lot of work. To manage your medical spa staff and your operations, you will have to identify factors that are currently causing your productivity. Learn to motivate your staff, as part of your management efforts. 

As the physician and their leader, you will need to juggle these two roles well. Always communicate with them and make sure you engage with your employees regularly. You need to find strategies to retain your employees and monitor their performance often as you can.