Connect with new and current patients

It can be challenging to find new patients considering the competition. Some aesthetic physicians could be offering a treatment at a lesser cost or list a popular treatment that allows patients to return to them more. It would be a bummer if one of your former patients would go to them or have a prospective one go to another. Thus you'll need to brush up on some simple marketing skills on how to retain patients or bring in new ones.

Grow your practice with these following tips:

1. Reconsider your network

Referrals will help you with your patients. Networking gives you an edge, and the more patient referrals you receive the better! Experts say, it is best to keep a good relationship with all your fellow physician networks and you regularly update them.

2. Continue practicing marketing

Regardless of what you practice to acquire more patients, marketing plays a huge role. Whether it is word of mouth or traditional marketing or advertising, this method will help you garner patients. If you have already social media accounts (e.g. Facebook or Twitter) and a website, you're pretty much on the right track. All you need is to step up your SEO game, and you're all set.

3. Hear out your patients

It is crucial to learn what your patients want. When you listen to your patients, it means you value their opinions into how you'll make your practice better. Let them voice out their thoughts about the services you provide and any improvements you will need to implement. This could give you a better idea about how you could treat new patients in the future.

4. Provide and offer benefits for all patients

Anyone loves to receive special offers and discounts on goods and services. This will help you make new patients return to your practice. Allowing them a “membership” or a “VIP” service will give your patients more reasons to pay for your treatments more than other providers.

5. Ready any treatment alternatives

It can be difficult if you offer only one treatment for facial rejuvenation, anti-wrinkling, or fat reduction. Most common procedures are of the non-surgical nature, and many patients would prefer this due to downtime and cost. Try to carry different Botox brands or dermal fillers. Offer laser treatments as well, if there's a need. Multiple treatments are also deemed effective based on some various studies.