ExpedMed National Conference in Little Rock, AK, March 9-10, 2018

ExpedMed National Conference in Little Rock, AK, March 9-10, 2018


Attending an ExpedMed event is a refreshing alternative to the typical CME course. Our ExpedMed CME curriculum is based on the textbook entitled Expedition and Wilderness Medicine edited by Drs. Gregory Bledsoe, Michael Manyak, and David Townes. Drawing from a wide range of wilderness medicine and expedition medicine topics — with a particular emphasis on wilderness, tropical, and travel medicine — an ExpedMed CME course will provide you with the information you need on a variety of important topics, all in a concise and practical format.

Past faculty at our ExpedMed events include Dr. Luanne Freer, Dr. Michael VanRooyen, Dr. Tim Erickson, Dr. David Warrell, Dr. Howard Donner, Dr. Alan Magill, Dr. Rich Williams, Dr. Ken Kamler, Dr. Martin Nweeia, Dr. David Townes, Dr. Michael Callahan, Dr. Karen VanHoesen, Dr. Howard Backer, and many others.

What do physicians say about this conference?

Fantastic conference. My second experience with ExpedMed. I went two years ago and was so enthusiastic about it that I told many people about it and recruited as many people as I could. The speakers who came of course were ALL EXCELLENT - Doreen Hung Mar, MD, Emergency Medicine

As a US Navy Survival Instructor and Medic, most of the information will have some factor in not only my teaching of survival techniques but in planning operations and conducting medical coverage of these operations. - Joel Walker, MD, Military: Aerospace Physiology/Emergency Medicine

All the speakers possessed strong academic backgrounds, real life “street credentials,” and brought excitement to their presentations. Living abroad, hostile geopolitical environments, shark experts, Secret Service docs, international venoms and toxins…the Expedition Medicine conference was more than just CME credits…you leave the conference armed with applicable medical fundamentals. Through the conference, I gained a whole new respect for the United States military and their medical research. Although I have attended numerous excellent conferences in related fields, the Expedition Medicine conference was the summit!!! - James Adkins, MD, Anesthesiology & Travel Medicine