How Men Would Help Boom Your Practice

It is not new that men are also getting cosmetic procedures, due to pressure from social media or people in their environment or combating aging. Based on recent surveys and statistics from different faculties related to aesthetic medicine, the number has ballooned for men since the early 2000s and it is expected to grow larger in the next few years. Would this be a factor in your future marketing strategies for men? Or are you only considering now to offer cosmetic procedures to men?

Despite the numbers, do men still face stigma? 

According to several physicians, that despite the rising number of men asking for cosmetic procedures, it’s still common that men do think there still is stigma.

And how you could curb stigma to market to men better?

Market and target

Fathers, young men, and even grandfathers can be your demographic. Based from many experts, dads are looking into addressing their aging concerns. Men would like to get rid of their “dad bod” and their wrinkles. Know what treatments would be better suited for each demographic. Many experts note that men want more straight-forward treatments and less wait times.

Do not leave out the males

Before and after photos on your website could show proof that men are also welcome to your practice and that they should not be ashamed in getting an injection or surgery done. Stock photos could be in lieu of patient photos or ask your male patients to have their photos taken, with their consent.

Revamping Your Design

Men may feel uncomfortable in a clinic where you had women in mind first. You could start with the waiting room in your practice, and find ways to make everything gender neutral looking even from the outside. In any case, you could do it digitally on your website.

Set-Up a Male Page on Your Website

Most plastic surgery websites have a “Mommy Makeover” or “Bridal Makeover”, and obviously the women will only be more interested, and as such men might be discouraged to take interest in your practice. Some researchers suggest that plastic surgery websites also set-up a male-related web page to cater to your potential male demographic.

Step up your marketing game to both men and women. There are other marketing options like contests or usual social media advertising to reach out to men.