How Good Are Your Patient Consultations? ... About Average.

patient survey results

A while ago we surveyed some of our members to tell us a little about how they perform cosmetic patient consults.

If you were surveyed and responded. Thank you. (We're still collecting responses so if you haven't taken the survey you can do so through the button below.)

We had a pretty good response, and we're looking on putting together a report to present all of the findings, but there were a few surprises. One of them was the results we received about how clinics thought that were already performing. 

How well do you think that your clinic performs patient consultations?

survey results

As you can see the bulk of the answers registered were between 5 and 9 with a few 4's thrown in. There were no 10's and nothing bleow 4.

Part of that is that we used 0 as "our consults are usless". Our bad. A consult that bad is pretty hard to actually perform, so let's look at this as though 4 - the very bottom answers- are actually the lowest. If we do that then we're left with a couple of impressions:

  • If you ask yourself how well you perform patient consults and your anything less than a 9, you're probably about average. That's not great since we know that consult training can increase a clinic's profitability anywhere between 25 - 100%. You're leaving money on the table, or in the consult room.
  • If you answered 9, you're probably pretty good at consults.
  • If you answered 6 or below. You're going to need some help.

We're going to publish all of the results once we stop collecting them. If you'd still like to contribute and add your thoughts, you can still take the survey below.