Strengthening Your Medical Spas Local SEO Strategy

Many say, it’s always best to start small, which is true, because going big could cost you. It is crucial to keep up with the trends, and a solid marketing strategy can help you make your way to Google’s 1st page, without being banned. Thus, it is important to keep marketing at a steady pace while still following the rules. In this case, we advise you to start LOCAL.

Local SEO could help boost your website’s visibility in your city or state.

When you search for Local SEO, Google My Business (GMB) always comes up. This is a great way to be known through the search engine. Google is very much intuitive, knowing one’s location as they search. Thus, it is important as you update or set-up your website, to have a GMB listing underway. Google My Business also added a feature which is schedule appointments.


No don’t take a NAP. NAP means Name, Address, and Phone. All of which should be consistent in all your pages or social media websites. Aside from NAP, you also have to input your times and days of operations.

List on Local Directories

All businesses can start by listing their companies on Google My Business, so should your medical practice. Local directories could also help you put your practice on the map. Here are several directories you can start listing in:

  • Google
  • Yahoo!
  • Yelp
  • Facebook

Ask for reviews with Podium's special offer for Medical Spa MD Members.

It’s not bad nor it doesn’t violate HIPAA practices when asking for reviews. After all, most patients look for reviews first prior to scheduling an appointment with the doctor. Ask your patients to include the location of your practice when you encourage them to write their review. If some patients have already submitted their own, you can filter out the bad reviews, if any. Note, never to call out the patients that gave you a bad review.