Aesthetic & Medspa Predictions for 2018

If you're ever looking at trends you'll find that there are always the same old things that are trotted out year after year; men are getting more treatments, some kind of new lip augmentation, and a new suture or thread built into a facelift. 

In 2017, the predictions dealt more with dermal fillers and fat transfer. For 2018, according to different aesthetic medicine institutions, the three procedures seeing a rise are Platelet Rich Plasma Injections, Genital Surgery/Rejuvenation, and Periorbital Rejuvenation.

Fat Grafting or Rejuvenation Injections

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) continues to rise in use for cosmetic surgery. The procedure itself has been performed countless of times in different branches of medicine. It is known for its healing properties, but it has branched out to aesthetics for its properties.

Even with the abundance of literature of PRP, it seems there is a need to further examine its effects with regard to aesthetic medicine. Dermatology currently uses PRP to restore hair, and “vampire facelifts” have been one of the most popular procedures and PRP.

Many remain wary over Plasma Rich Platelet due to the lack of evidence of its efficacy  however, it is effective in dermatology with respect to hair restoration. Yet, PRP, while still unfounded to be effective for cosmetic purposes, is still used by many aesthetic physicians for facelifts and fat grafting.

Despite the wariness by some physicians over the effectiveness of PRP, several physicians have conducted their studies and investigated the efficacy of PRP injections… 

Youthful Genitals

Aside from PRP, we will see the rise of genital surgery as well. Genital surgery, whether invasive or minimally invasive have seen an upward slope lately. 

Genital surgery is considered due to the beauty standards and media influences and the demographics involving those undergoing it. So far, some of the most popular procedures for genital surgery are vaginal rejuvenation and tightening. Non-surgical alternatives have also been developed like lasers and RF options for patients. Dermal fillers can also be used on the vagina and labia, and there have also been reports of botulinum toxins on the scrotum.

Periorbital for the Millennial

Millennials are gearing up to be the next generation many physicians will be seeing in their medical spas. It seems they are flocking to medical spas more, 

Periorbital rejuvenation could also be seeing a spike especially with millennials. According to IAPAM, this procedure would be considered preventive for the generation. Millennials may want to remove the wrinkles and black circles under their eyes, additionally, the older target audience would like one to have a natural-looking appearance when it comes to their eyes.