Florida Chiropractor offering IPL.

A8410D-md-b.jpgI was having a discussion with one of my consulting clients today and he dropped this nugget on me.

There's a chiropractor in Florida who is telling other chiropractors that IPL is within their scope of practice. In fact, he's training other chiropractors and selling them equipment. Here's his site: BioDerm Medical Incorporated .

You'll notice on the about page that he's got an MD and is, "licensed to practice Chiropractic Medicine in FL and KY.  He is licensed to practice Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture in WV, and is registered to practice Medicine in Montserrat."

That Monserrat medical 'registration' seems like it may come in handy.

According to this chiropractor:

  • IPL is within the scope of practice of DC's since they can use light based therapy's.
  •  He was hauled in before the Chiropractic Board of Florida and successfully defended himself by showing that: Although the state of FL regulates IPL as class 4... it's really class 2 and he proved it. The state dropped the entire investigation.
  • Any other chiropractor can do the same thing.
Since the recent changes in Florida prohibiting non plastic surgeons and dermatologists from overseeing second clinics. This seems odd to me.