Artemis Medical Group: ER Physicians & The Medical Spa Franchise

I got an email mentioning the launch of a new medical spa franchise put together by a couple of former ER docs.

Here's a link to the 'story' about the launch of this new medspa franchise from Artemis Medical Group. (Of course it reads more like a press release.)

Two EPs transitioned seamlessly into cosmetic surgery. Now they’re offering the golden key to others...

...But in the midst of the image-obsessed atmosphere and the slick marketing, the Artemis co-founders consider their work on a grander scale: they are advancing medicine and changing the way doctors learn cosmetic surgery. Their “natural” breast augmentation, for instance, involves taking excess fat from the patient’s body, mixing it with stem cells that will “regrow” the patient’s breast.

“I like to believe it’s the state of the art of medicine,” Debourbon said. “The other disciplines have been out there and have matured.” He said his work with stem cells, which play a role in several procedures Artemis offers, is a small part of the larger effort to use stem cells for transformative purposes like regrowing limbs. “We’re trying to improve the human condition,” he said.

Human condition aside, Debourbon and his practice are also making money. Lots of money. Fete described Artemis’ profits as “astounding,” and the next phase of their business is carefully prepared to explode their income. Artemis is becoming a training facility where doctors can learn multiple procedures in one place, a process that will help them start their own practices more quickly than ever.

And Artemis will be happy to help. For a 6.5 percent annual commission, newly minted cosmetic surgeons can buy their business plan, which outlines the process down to the layout of the office. It will help doctors new to the field get accredited in a discipline increasingly wary of outsiders, and predict their profits: for an investment of around $300,000, a new practitioner can expect to make at least $1 million in his first year.

“That’s being a slacker,” Debourbon said. “If you work hard, it’s probably several million. It’s a hell of a living.”

Wow. There's trouble if I've ever heard it.. That looks like an income claim... and you do not want to be making income claims if you're a medical spa franchise. It's also somewhat surprising that they wouldn't know this.