Medical Spa Article from Healthy Aging Mag

This month's Healthy Aging Magazine has an article on Medical Spas titled 'All That Glitters'.

It's a good article in which Medical Spa MD is introduced in the first sentence. It seems that the community here is making some waves among members of more 'mainstream' press. Here's the email that I first received from Healthy Aging about the story.

Subject: Med Spa article
Message: Dear Jeff,
Healthy Aging is a bi-monthly trade magazine that provides credible information to dermatologists, cosmetic surgeons and physicians in age management medicine. We are writing a cover story to educate physicians about med spa franchises. The article will go through the pros and cons of getting into med spa franchises based on physicians’ experiences and research. It will also include information about what physicians should consider before buying a med spa franchise.

I have been gathering a lot of information from your blog. Do you know if any of the posters would be interested in participating in the article? I'd also appreciate any information you'd like to share.

Thank you,
Nicole Wood
Assistant Editor
Healthy Aging Magazine
When I have some time I'll put up some quotes from the article, but it seems that some of our common contributors are already mentioned. Medical Spa MD is given credit for the formation of some sort of cabal.
If anyone has the article, post your favorite quote in the comments. I've got the magazine around here somewhere but it may take me a while to find it.

101 Essential Physician Resources for Business

101resources.jpgThe web is such a big and wonderful place, packed with tools and resources which you all too often don’t know about. So to help all you doctors out there benefit from these resources, we have compiled a gigantic list of resources, categorized up for your benefit.

This page  going to be accessed through the 'Resource' link above but is worth a bookmark on it's own.

If you know a resource that we’ve missed, let us know as we’re always looking to grow this list!



Physician Reading

Bone up on the medical spa book learning:

  1. Business MD- Business books for cosmetic practices.
  2. Dermatology- Dermatology books section.
  3. IPL & Lasers- Technology books.
  4. Cosmetic Surgery- Cosmetic surgery.


Classified Ads & Auctions

Sell your laser or buy somone elses. You'll have to have some equipment.

  1. Ebay IPL & Laser Auctions - Ebay's IPL's, lasers and cosmetic medical equipment.
  2. Ebay Aesthetic Equipment - Ebay listings for non medical cosmetic equipment.




Everyone needs ink. Here are some tools to help:

  1. iPrint - Rubber stamps
  2. - Print stamps from your desktop
  3.  - Inkjet cartridges
  4. - Inkjet cartridges


Business & Legal Links

Save yourself some time and money.

  1. - Logos
  2. LegalZoom - Online legal documents
  3. Equifax  - Get your credit report
  4. LifeLock -  Identity theft protection
  5. Skype for Business - Internet phone for business
  6. - Computers and tech stuff.
  7. PayPal - Send and receive money by email.
  8. Faxes to your email - Receive Faxes in Your Email Inbox.
  9. Equifax - Check your credit score.
  10. LifeLock - Identity theft protection.
  11. Skype - Skype for business.


Web Tools

If you're not online by now, well, you should be.

  1. - Easy web site and blog builder (Read my review of Squarespace)
  2. Gmail  - Google your email if you haven't already.
  3. - Blog software if you're geeky enough to install and use it.
  4. Gmail Alerts - Keep track of what you want to know. (How to use alerts)
  5. eBay Stores - Open your own store on eBay.
  6. - Fax to and from your email.
  7. CallWave - Fax to and from your email.
  8. Constant Contact - Do it yourself email marketing.
  9. Squarespace - Very nice publishing system for websites and blogs
  10. Rackspace - dedicated hosting and customer service that is second to none
  11. Mosso - Advanced hosting at a reasonable price
  12. - Domain registration & hosting.
  13. - Domain registration & hosting.
  14. CallWave - Fax to and from your email.
  15. iStock - Images for your blog or web site.
  16. Go to my PC - Access your computer from anywhere.
  17. - Buy your domain name.
  18. - Another domain name seller.
  19. Mozy - Free, full-featured remote backup service.
  20. LessAccounting - Is your job title Accounting? Probably not. Do less accounting!
  21. MS Office Accounting Express (Free) - Free Microsoft Accounting


Advertising and Marketing

A few ways to market and advertise yourself online…

  1. Medical Spa MD - Hey, one shamless plug. If you're looking to reach cosmetic medicine docs.
  2. Spot Runner - Professional TV spots starting at $1500.
  3. Text Link Ads - Text ads to sell your wares and improve your traffic ranking
  4. Review Me - Get your service or Web site reviewed by bloggers
  5. Adbrite - Text and banner ads on over 20,000 sites
  6. AdEngage - Text and Photext ads (image and text ad combined)
  7. Adwords - Text ads on Google searches
  8. Professional On The Web - Get yourself Listed
  9. - List your business locally.

Business Management and Organization

These resources will help you stay organised.

  1. Proposal Kit - Proposal and contract management tools
  2. Ta-Da Lists - a simple (free!) to-do list application that can be shared with the world
  3. Backpack - Service that integrates to-do lists, notes, files, images, and a calendar with reminders that can be sent to your email or cell
  4. Writeboard - Sharable, web-based text documents that save edits, so you can collaborate, roll back and compare
  5. MonkeyOn - Your to-do list for things that you want other people to do


Stock Libraries

Templates, Photos, Flash files all to help make you look good

  1. FlashDen - A resource selling stock Flash, audio, video and fonts for as little as 50 cents
  2. Dreamstime - Royalty free stock photography for $1 - $2
  3. Getty Images - When price is no object and quality is essential
  4. iStock Photo - Images for your blog or web site.


Business Tools

Resources to help with the business of freelancing.

  1. Campfire - Real-time group chat and file sharing
  2. Google Apps - Communication and collaboration tools from Google
  3. Zoho - Free office tools
  4. MailBuild - More newsletter software
  5. Business-Paper - Easy business cards
  6. Wufoo - Make forms.
  7. CPA Directory - Find an accountant (in the US)
  8. SBA - Small Business Administration, help and advice
  9. Work - How-to guides to running a small business
  10. XE - Quick and easy currency converter for all your international transactions…
  11. - Print postage right from your PC.
  12. ZoneAlarm - Computer security and firewall. 



Because you have to protect yourself and your work…

  1. LegalZoom - Online legal documents
  2. My New Company - Legal and general start-up information
  3. Copyright - Everything you need to know about US copyright
  4. HelpMeWork - US - Services to help you focus on what you know best
  5. CreativeCommons - For licensing…just about anything


Medical Spa Associations

All the many things we couldn’t fit anywhere else!

  1. Medical Spa Society - Started by physicians to try and bring some semblance of quality control to the industry.
  2. Medical Spa MD - Hey, Join this site. It's free after all.
Medical Spa Journals

All the many things we couldn’t fit anywhere else!

  1. Medical Spa Report - Official pub of the Medical Spa Society.
  2. Dermatology Times - Same publisher as Medical Spa Report. Some useful content.
  3. Cosmetic Surgery Times - Surgical slant.
  4. Anti-Aging e-Journal - Online newsletter about anti-aging medicine.


Medical Refrence Sites

Medical reference sites from general to specific.

  1.  Academy of Anti-Aging Research - The Academy of Anti-Aging Research (A3R) is a society of health care professionals and researchers dedicated to the advancement of anti-aging medicine. 
  2. American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery - 2,800 facial plastic and reconstructive surgeons throughout the world.  
  3. American Academy of Dermatology - Represents virtually all practicing dermatologists in the United States.
  4. America's Pharmaceutical Research Companies (PhRMA) - Pharmaceutical news and sources.
  5. BioOnline: Biotechnology on the Net - Comprehensive Internet site for information and services related to biotechnology and pharmaceutical research.
  6. Consumer Health Libraries - Extensive list of medical and health-related libraries.
  7. Healthfinder® - U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.
  8. - Reviewed health medical sites and medical information center. employment, conferences, discussion forum, classifieds, and more.
  9. - A dictionary of medical, pharmaceutical, biomedical & healthcare acronyms and abbreviations.
  10. MedBioWorld - Medical Journals - Access to medical and bioscience journals, associations, databases.
  11. Merck Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy Seventeenth Edition - Free site.
  12. Merriam-Webster Medical Dictionary - Online medical dictionary.
  13. National Library of Medicine - Helpful information when the need arises.
  14. New England Journal of Medicine - The weekly general medical journal.
  15. Nurses PDR Resource Center - Drug Database - Drug Database.
  16. PubMed Central - A free archive of life sciences journal literature managed by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI).
  17. PDRnet - Physicians' Desk Reference - Answers about detecting, preventing, and treating a variety of medical conditions.
  18. Quack Watch - Quackery, Health Fraud, and Intelligent Decisions.
  19. - Health and medical news and information.


Physician & Other Medical Blogs




Free Press Release


Have a resource we missed? Leave a comment and let us know!