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The Medical Spa Physician Report is critical information compiled from the answers of experienced doctors in cosmetic medicine.

Each Medical Spa Physician Report includes a survey of cosmetic clinics around the worlds physician interviews and case studies. We reach out to not only our member base, but also other prominent doctors in cosmetic medicine to find out what doctors are really thinking about technology, marketing, staffing and clinic operations.

And this is an experienced group.

Look at this graph from the last Physician Report and you'll see that 58% of physicians indicating that they've been practicing full time cosmetic medicine for 6 years or more.

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Cosmetic Surgeons enlist patients to fight the Botox Botax.

Cosmetic surgeons are asking for patient help to fight the Botox Botax. Here's what the ASDS (American Society for Dermatologic Surgery) is giving it's members to solicit the support of Botox consumers: Here's the form.
The U.S. Senate health care reform bill  (Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act) contains a proposed 5 percent tax on "elective cosmetic medical procedures."  While this may look like an attractive option to Senators looking for ways to pay for health care reform, we know that:
  • Cosmetic medical procedures taxes are an unreliable and risky revenue source, which has proved to be a failure at the state level;
  • A tax on cosmetic surgery discriminates against working women;
  • The definition of cosmetic procedures is arbitrary and almost impossible to administer; and
  • enforcement would necessitate review of patient medical records by tax collectors, a clear invasion of privacy.

Please enter your zip code below to be connected to an automatic email system which allows you to send a quick message to your Senator asking him/her to vote against this tax.

I've received an number of emails about this over the last 48 hours. Is anyone worried that this 'Botax' will hurt your medical spa, skin clinic or cosmetic practice?