Proposed Change In PA State Cosmetic Laser Regulations Would Force Laser Clinics To Close

New regulations proposed in PA and would require physicians to be on-site during all cosmetic laser and IPL treatments.

Notice to all physicians, nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, estheticians and laser technicians in PA: I'm asking your help to oppose a new regulations in Pennsylvania requiring changes to who can perform cosmetic laser and IPL treatments.

This law is attempting to be passed through regulatory agencies and implies that estheticians are negligent with the use of lasers and cause harm to patients.  Many of the physicians I spoke with stated they have treated many patients harmed at the hands of other physicians.

The new regulation will stipulate that only physicians, nurses, nurse practitioners and physician assistants will be permitted to operate an aesthetic laser and if the operator is not a physician, the physician must be on-site during the use of the laser and must perform an assessment on the patient prior to treatment.

This would effectively eliminate the use of estheticans and laser techs from performing any laser-based treatment and could force many clinics to drastically change their business models, or close altogether.

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