Dr. John La Puma: NY Times Bestselling Author & TV Host

Dr John LaPuma

Over on the Medical Spa MD Podcast, Dr. John La Puma of Chef MD discusses being a physician entrepreneur, TV host, and NY Times bestselling author.

In episode 9 , we touch on the use (and missuse) of social media, how to use your existing skill set and match those with your interests to exert more influence over your career and lifestyle.

Dr. La Puma is incredibly knowledgeable and freely shares all sorts of tasty advice (somewhat intentional pun there) about how he started Chef MD , became a NY Times bestselling author and television host, and grew his passion for food and health into a fulfilling medical career. He also gives some great tips on marketing, how to be a great interviewee (which he is) and we even touch on medical ethics. A great episode and not to be missed.