Dr. George Sanders, Encino CA Plastic Surgeon

Dr. George Sanders, Encino CA Plastic Surgeon

Despite of the emergence of noninvasive treatments, Dr. George Sanders keeps himself abreast with the current trends.

Name: George Sanders, M.D.
Location: Encino, CA
Website: drsanders.com

The Sciton Erbium laser was purchased several years ago and remains a stellar performer for full face laser ablative therapy when the patient has 9 days to recover to the point that they can wear makeup and go out and look very good. I do many facelifts and this recovery time frame makes sense in that the remainder of the face is recovering at about the same pace. When I purchased the Sciton, other erbium lasers were available, but the dual head configuration and other factors made it more appealing. It has paid for itself many times over and remains a very reliable piece of equipment that provides a consistently excellent result with minimal complications. 

The Fraxel laser is used by my nurse in those patients who do not need as much of a result as the Sciton produces and who do not have as much time for recovery. These patients have at most one or two days of downtime.

Eventually we will need to replace our Sciton, and it may be that a fractionated CO2 laser may be the answer. I am also looking with interest at the nonsurgical fat sculpting devices as well as the nonsurgical skin tightening devices. Reliability, cost effectiveness, efficacy, and a usefulness that will last years are all things that I look at when deciding upon what to purchase. I am also not interested in a device that requires multiple patient visits to accomplish the desired result because of inherent limitations in office space and personnel time.

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