Hollywood Body & Laser Center: Practicing Medicine Without A License

Hollywood Body And Laser Center seems to have been preforming cosmetic medicine and prescribing mediciations out of their Sandy, Utah location.

The owner of the Hollywood Body and Laser Center in Sandy Utah was jailed Thursday, accused of representing himself as a doctor and performing medical treatments and dispensing prescription medications.

While you don't expect these types of things to actually be happening outside of a motel room, they do.

What's most surprising is that the investigation started in 2008 and it took them this long to make an arrest and (presumably) stop this.

(After our interview with Mr. Adrian Richards, an English plastic surgeon, I'm not sure if any of this would actually be illegal in the UK.)

From the news article

 William Ricker Ferguson, 51, was booked into the Salt Lake County Jail for investigation of aggravated assault, practicing as a pharmacist without a license, practicing medicine without a license, selling, dispensing or otherwise trafficking prescriptions without a license and forgery, all felonies.

A Sandy police press release said an investigation included the Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing. Police identified Ferguson as the owner of the cosmetic procedures business, at 7430 S. Creek Road, which is the corporate office for locations elsewhere in Utah and in other states, according to the company's website.

The Sandy laser clinic, located at 7430 S. Creek Rd., came under investigation by police and the Utah Department of Occupational and Professional Licensing in January 2008, after complaints surfaced regarding owner Richard Ferguson.

Investigators from both Sandy police and the licensing department discovered several illegal actions since 2008, including one incident when an undercover investigator attempted to purchase HCG and Latice under the pretext of giving it to a girlfriend and was able to obtain them without a prescription from laser clinic staff members.

According to charges filed in the 3rd District Court Thursday, the Provo owner left one woman in June 2008 with third-degree burns all over her face and the herpes virus during attempts to give her an Active FX laser treatment on her face.

Charges also list an incident in March 2009 when another woman required skin grafts to repair damage done to her stomach when the 51-year-old defendant attempted to administer liposuction treatment.

Prosecutors say Ferguson refused to refund another woman's money in October 2009 after a laser hair removal procedure wouldn't work on her blond hair. Charges state the woman called several establishments that told her the laser treatment would not work on her blond hair.

A former medical director for the laser center told police that the defendant was using his name and information to obtain controlled substances and HCG without his authorization, charges state. Staff members said Ferguson would use a copy of the medical director's signature to order HCG from a company based out of Florida, and another doctor's signature to write prescriptions.

Ferguson was charged with one count of second-degree felony aggravated assault and another third-degree felony count of the same charge, as well as one count of unlawful conduct of practicing as a pharmacist without a license and three counts of unlawful conduct of practicing medicine without a license, both third-degree felonies.

Prosecutors also charged the defendant with two counts of selling, dispersing or otherwise trafficking prescriptions without a license and 10 counts of forgery, all third-degree felonies.