Peeling Melasma

Treating melasma is one of the most challenging indications in aesthetic dermatology.

In my hands and over the years, chemical peels in combination with bleaching agents still work the best. Most recently, very interesting and promising new bleaching cosmeceuticals are coming up, matching both, efficacy and safety compared to the gold standard substances such as low dose hydroquinone and or kojic acid.

Anyhow, I do strongly believe in the fact, that -for a therapeutic effect- we still need highly efficacious treatments to resolve and manage these hyperpigmentation conditions: Chemical Peels in combination with bleaching substances are a very potent way to treat melasma. It`s either about raising the concentration of the working agents or about performing multiple treatments.

Overall, the physician has to have a broad experience in combining those agents and secondly, the patient needs to be educated on following a life-long "skin-diet"-program.