Dr. Michael Ehrenreich, Founder of SOMA Skin & Laser

Dr. Michael Ehrenreich, SOMA Skin & LaserDr. Michael Ehrenreich, the prime mover of SOMA Skin and Laser in Millburn, New Jersey.

Though most people know him now as a dermatologist, Dr. Ehrenreich has a broad range of dermatological interests: medical dermatology, cutaneous surgery, laser surgery, cosmetic dermatology. He is also a noted authority in tissue engineering.

Dr. Ehrenreich began his career as an investment banker. His background proves to be a critical element to the success of his practice. 

Name: Michael Ehrenreich, MD, FAAD
Clinic: SOMA Skin & Laser
Location: Millburn, NJ
Website: somalaser.com

You have a very interesting career path as you hold a BS in finance, aside from having a medical degree. Can you tell us more? 

Prior to attending medical school, I was an investment banker, so I have a strong business background. A business background is certainly helpful if you want to start and operate a practice. Although physician’s work to help people, medicine is also a business. And like any other business, it’s hard to succeed at it without some business skills. Medicine is moving away from the sole practitioner model. More and more, physicians operate as...

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