Medical Spa Sublease, Bankruptcy, & Physician Lawsuits

Medical Spa LawsuitHere's a cautionary tale for physicians: be wary of what the 'medical spa' that you're extending your license to is doing in your absence.

Here's a story about a physician 'medical spa director' and state regulators both being sued by a subtenant that was running a 'medical spa' under the physicians license.

Despite Williams winning this order, Monday’s complaint says: "Williams claims to be a 'creditor' in the instant bankruptcy proceeding. However, the only possible connection which could create a debtor/creditor relationship between the plaintiff and Dr. Williams is one of bogus 'sublease' agreements created through fraud by Dr. Williams, purportedly to 'protect' his medical license by 'separating’ his practice from the business of the Medical Spa.’

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