Medical Spa MD: Compounding Pharmacy & SEO

Medical Spa MD will be announcing some new products and initiatives over the coming weeks that include a parntership with a compounding pharmacy, group buys and discounts, and some SEO (search engine optimization) and SEM (search engine marketing) services that will be available to Medical Spa MD Members.

I did want to drop a couple of key answers to what will be included with both services and ask that you comment with anything you want to be included so we can take a look.

Compunding Pharmacy ~

Our Medical Spa MD pharmacy partners will be offering services that will allow all of the physicians on Medicla Spa MD to buy at a discounted rate, either individually or as part of a group. (As soon as we get the contracts signed and a few more of the technolgy peices in place.) Individual plastic surgeons or laser clinics can choose to buy Botox or Restylane individually, or save even more by reserving a portion of a larger order that will ship once the entire order is filled.

Medical Spa Marketing ~

Med Spa MD is launching a comprehensive online marketing program for any plastic surgeon, dermatologist, laser clinic or med spa. In fact, it's the same SEO and SEM marketing that Medical Spa MD uses and delivered with the same team. There will be a directory site in addition but we won't be trying to keep all of the benefits and traffict to ourselves, but delivering it directly to your site.

Questions welcome but I'm actually more interested in what thoughts you might have about specific needs that we might be able to fill before launch.

Medical Spa Advertising & Operations ~

Members will be able to access the same resources that I've paid for myself. Operations manuals, treatment procedures, postcards, advertisements and the rest. This isn't consultant templates but the actualy proceedures that I wrote myself and are being used in successful medical spas and laser clinics right now. In addition, I'm making all of the advertising resources I've used available.

There are some other deals with laser and equipment companies in the works. If a company can add real value we're interested in talking and providing your (valuable) services to our community.

Anyway, it should be fantastic and I wanted to get some input from Members.