Syneron Candela's UltraShape Power

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has cleared Syneron Candela's UltraShape Power as a non-invasive fat reduction treatment in the US.

The technology is an upgrade from its predecessors and has gained more interest in the last few months. It has created buzz by doctors who have started offering UltraShape Power in their clinics, even being the first in their respective states to do so.

UltraShape has been in the market for  some time, but UltraShape Power is an upgrade to the product line around non-invasive fat reduction. In  secured the FDA approval, Syneron Candela says the system is the first to receive clearance but there will likely be others to choose from that are using the same method of action. Unlike other procedures, it does not melt nor freeze fat. Using a handheld ultrasound device, UltraShape claims to destroy fat with ultrasound energy and vacuum-assisted radio frequency. The company assures physicians that UltraShape Power will have a high ROI which is everyone's standard sales practice.

Syneron Candela also claims that the procedure is painless which would be nice if true. According to the website, of those who have undergone an UltraShape treatment, most have said they felt"satisfied" after the treatment (can we get a better reaction than 'satisfied' please.. not exactly a ringing endorsement). According to Syneron, the procedure takes about 45 minutes and has no swelling nor downtime. In addition, results can be seen soon and are also long-lasting.