Dentists & medspas?

MD posted this in the Physician to Physician Q&A discussion area:

blockquote.gifDoes anybody know if it is legal for a dentist to purchase and run an IPL/Nd:YAG? A local dentist just informed me he was getting into the med spa business to "generate lots of revenue" Humm- good luck with that....

MD makes a point. Dentists, docs, nurses, hair stylists and others who don't have a good business sense and feel that everyone's just making money hand over fist are in for a rude awakening. As I've posted before, one of my friends makes his living (a very, very good one) buying tecnology from doctors going out of business and selling it to doctors rushing into business. I would bet my left kidney against a bag of hammers that there will be a used IPL going cheap in a dentists office.