Where To Buy Your Medical Spa Technology.

Medispa technologies aren't cheap.

I spoke today with a doctor that called to pimp me for my thoughts on whether she was getting a good deal on the platform she was interested in buying. She was looking at buying the Cutera Xeo platform from the company and had been quoted a price of around $157k. I put her on the track of a barely used Xeo that I knew she could get for at least $50k cheaper. (This should not be taken as an endorsement of Cutera. I just happen to have some info on that device.)

If you're looking to outfit or upgrade your technology, the internet's the first stop. Most of the secondary market providers for medspa technologies have listings on Ebay but you can just Google your desired technology and find a list of sites.

(Something you should be aware of is that some of the providers use more than one site with exactly the same inventory. I know of one that uses seven different sites to sell the same inventory. These dealers buy technologies from doctors that are going out of business, and sell them to doctors going into business.)

Direct from the factory should be a place you look, but usually not the only one.