Book your appointment online?

 Sent by DocBiz from Alarm Clock:

A columnist at the Washington Post wrote an article today commenting that there is no Orbitz for health care. Doctors Direct would like to get there and has raised $2.5M in Series A funding led by Spark Capital . Tommy McGloin is the President and CEO of Before joining, he headed MapQuest for 4 years and before that McGloin headed AOL Moviefone. This one doesn't compute. Users search for docs using a variety of paremeters and can than book an appointment. That's nice but DoctorsDirect takes a booking fee and it won't touch insurance. So if you are uninsured or too rich to care about insurance, Doctor'sDirect is a swell service. It doesn't add up why a seasoned lead like McGloin sees an opportunity here.

And from the Washington Post.