Group visits for cosmetic patients?

Via Kevin, M.D.

The Doctor will see you,alll, now: Group Appointments Give Patients More Time To Talk

blockquote.gifChang's office began offering such group visits only for patients with diabetes, and then for people with asthma. Instead of spending 10 or 15 minutes each with 10 patients — many of whom need to hear the same thing — she might spend 90 minutes with 18 patients. Each patient learns from others' questions and symptoms, and the doctor covers much more.

Group visits

Studies have found that patients attending group visits had fewer emergency room and specialist visits (and thus lower monthly costs), stayed healthier and were more satisfied with their care. Three models exist.
Cooperative health care clinic, created by Dr. John Scott in Wheat Ridge, Colo., in 1991, is an alternative to individual doctor visits. The same group of patients usually sees the doctor together monthly.
Specialty group visits, which Scott developed in 1995, are similar, but patients have the same diagnosis, such as pregnancy, diabetes, hypertension, arthritis or fibromyalgia.
Drop-in group medical appointments, developed in 1996 by clinical psychologist Edward Noffsinger in San Jose, Calif., typically have different patients at each session.

I wonder if you could do this in a cosmetic setting. Has anyone tried something like this?