Botox, Face Lifts, & Politics

26looks.1.190.jpgFrom the NY Times: Botox and politics don't mix.

What was especially intriguing about Mr. Spencer’s off-the-cuff remarks, as reported in The Daily News, was his speculation that Mrs. Clinton had evolved from an ugly duckling to the presentable 59-year-old woman she is today with the help of “millions of dollars” of “work.”

And if she had: Would it matter?

With Americans spending $12 billion a year getting injected, stapled and snipped, cosmetic surgery long ago went mainstream. Yet there is one arena in which an accusation of having work done still stings, and that is in politics.

 And male politicians aren't immune from Botox prosecution:

In the 2004 presidential election, when it was suggested that John Kerry had undergone Botox injections to wipe away facial lines, the Democratic candidate did his best to furrow his brow and declare such talk nonsense. (No matter, his critics said, since he was guilty of something much worse: looking French.)