Plastic Surgery Celebrity Photos: The good, bad, and ugly of celebrity surgical results.

Brazil.jpg&sig=__KxLqaxhl5uy90WoMow-HI-uyu2A=I stumbled upon this vicious celebrity plastic surgery web site. It's no great wonder why the paparazzi are so loathed. It makes you feel sorry for these poor celebrities.

What's more surprising is that even plastic surgeons get nasty and call it "entertainment".

blockquote.gifI am a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who has been featured on Dr. 90210 on E! The comments on the site are my opinion alone and should not be taken as fact. I have not treated any of the celebrities presented here and the information and opinions should be taken for entertainment value only.

Entertainment value? I'm stunned that this guy has any patients. This is truly base.

Warning: If you're a plastic surgeon in LA let's hope you don't see one of your patients.