Lips and Silikon 1000...a good combination? that you?

A good friend of mine recently confessed to me that she had seen one of my competitors and gotten Silikon 1000 in her lips.  I usually treat her for Restylane that we use judiciously in her nasolabial folds and her lips.  We also use a little Botox around her eyes.  She is 31 years old and has a beautiful face.  Her lips are full, but she wants "luscious!"  Her assistant had had it done with Dr. T and "she looked amazing."  And when my friend went to his office, his entire staff of young women all had gorgeous bee-stung lips. 

Now, for a moment, just forget all the stories of granuloma risk and inflammation.  Let us pretend that Silikon 1000 in the lips is 100% safe.  I actually do have Silikon 1000 in my office.  But I've only used it in a handful is situations.  One woman had been "butchered" (her term, not mine) by a oral surgeon and felt it left 2 divots in her lower lip.  I carefully filled these in.  Another woman's right upper lip dropped lower than her left from lingering Bell's palsy.  I used it to even out her lips. 

I have two patients who want to look like Angelina Jolie. I can't seem to put enough Restylane into their lips. One of them is from Texas and she said to me, "Honey, bigger is ALWAYS better!"  But the vast majority of my patients who want lip augmentation want only a slightly fuller look.  And so what happens when Angelina is no longer the superstar?  What happens when thin, straight, bead-like lips are in style?  Or what happens when all these young, beautiful woman with these mammoth sized lips get old and are grandmothers?  Their faces will continue to age in the normal, dynamic manner.  But those Silikon lips will be permanent!  I keep getting the visual of a faded tattoo on the side of  a wrinkled, sagging breast.