When Young Doctors Strut Too Much of Their Stuff

corsets_sexy.jpgWhite lab coat and tie seems to be what patients expect from someone their trusting their body parts to. It's common among many physicians in cosmetic medicine to forego the lab coat in many situations. Hmmmmm....

Via NY Times: When Young Doctors Strut Too Much of Their Stuff.

There was just one problem. As she delivered her thoughtful patient presentations to me and the other attending doctors, it was hard not to notice her low-cut dress.

...One colleague commented that a particularly statuesque student “must have thought all her male patients were having strokes” when she walked in their exam room wearing a low-cut top and a miniskirt.

In a study published last year in The American Journal of Medicine, patients surveyed in one outpatient clinic overwhelmingly preferred doctors photographed in formal attire with a white coat to photos of doctors in scrubs, business suits and informal clothes — jeans and a T-shirt for men, an above-the-knee skirt for women. The patients also said they were more likely to divulge their social, sexual and psychological worries to the clinicians in the white coats than to the other doctors.