bariatric surgeries on Medicare patients

Evidently the bariatric bone aint connected to the bank account bone.

surgery_gast_bypas_sm.jpgKevin MD posts a link to how a practice cannot live on Medicare patients alone:

Total reimbursement for 292 patients was $516,158—mostly from surgical fees of $407,063. The cost to run the practice was calculated at $444,592 a year: $207,065 for salaries, $55,150 for malpractice insurance and $182,377 for other expenses. All the figures were based on costs from Dr. Madan’s practice.

After expenses were paid, the surgeon’s pretax earnings totaled $71,566.

But as Elliot notes in a comment on Kevin MDs blog:

He was not paid 71k for 300 bariatric surgeries. He's a lousy businessman is the story. Medicare reimburses more than 10k per bypass so he generated some 3,000,000 in revenue for someone. I am certain he got North of 500k for his part so where did all the money go? Lousy businessman should give up his dream of becoming rich by running his own practice and go to work for someone else.

Something here just doesn't make sense... $207 for salaries and amost another $200k for other expenses?