American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery wins in California.

3565666346616.jpgAs acknowledged by the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery and affirmed by the Superior Court of California, cosmetic surgeons include qualified physicians from the fields of Dermatololgy, Facial Plastic-ENT surgery, Oculoplastic surgery, General Plastic Surgery, Oral Maxillo-Facial Surgery, and General Surgery.

Via: Plasticized

The Academy has reported, via e-mail and through Newsline, the recent victory in California for cosmetic surgeons, whereby the Superior Court of California ordered the Medical Board of California to grant ABCS's Application for specialty board certification. This decision was recently challenged by the Medical Board, which filed a Motion for a New Trial.

...The ABCS allows for cosmetic surgeons, including ENT's, Oculoplastic surgeons, and cosmetic dermatologists to have certification for the specialized skills in which they are trained. Certification through ABCS is often acheived through fellowship training in cosmetic surgery, which occurs after a residency in a surgical specialty.

and Edward Lack MD isn't mincing words when he says..  

"I would hope this will end the dispute once and for all and stop the needless waste of money and time over what is only a turf battle. As the number of board certified plastic surgeons who join the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery and take board exams from the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery increases, the obstructionists who often hide their identities in the American Society of Plastic Surgery will lose more and more prestige as the public views them as the self-seeking propagandists that they are."