Patients Unlimited: Mottos, methods, & mystery.

charts.jpgI thought this graphic was a curious when I first saw it but these guys are serious. Patients Unlimited is a training company where you send your staff so that they know what to say to your patients. The PUMC Motto is: “An investment in your staff benefits your practice”

For $395 Patients Unlimited will teach you how to:

  • Get a patient ready for a class reunion.
  • Use cosmetic surgery sales vocabulary.
  • Stop shoppers in their tracks!
  • Convert a consultation before the doctor is met!

Yowser! I'll be stopping shoppers in their tracks? Where do I sign up.

To be honest, I've never heard about Patients Unlimited before but I have seen better execution of training programs and higher standards of advertising. If they seem good to you, great, at least they're cheap. 

They do post a few items that cause me to furrow my brow. In the graphic above I notice that they show that the source of 31% of consultations is the yellow pages.

Ahem... no.

If you're relying on the yellow pages to drive a third of your patient flow you're getting run over. In my own opinion,  yellow pages aren't worth the money. But what do I know?