How To Subscribe To Medical Spa MD - RSS Feeds

RSS Feeds: For those who are technology challenged, Medical Spas Online offer RSS 'Feeds' that allow you to recieve updated content from MSO and any other sites you choose. (Those that provide feeds.) To subscribe, choose a RSS aggregator (like one of of those below) and install it. Then just click on the RSS feed you would like to subscribe to and your aggregator will be updated with the most current content.

Tags: Tagging allows you to categorize a site with one or more 'tags' that basically filter content. IE. You may want to tag this site as 'medicalspas' and 'resources' and 'articles' or whatever other kinds of tags you personally want to use. These tags allow you to list the same site in multiple 'categories'. It's really simple once you start using them and you'll find you cant live without them since they work from any computer (their hosted online) and work much better than bookmarks.

Subscribe via RSS or ATOM. Tag this site:

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