Medical Spas Online Is Batting 2000! Who are you?

Medical Spas Online pushed past the 2000 unique users mark this month. That means more than 2000 people are visiting this site each month and reading 7.6 posts per individual.

We have no factual way of knowing the exact demographics of readers, but we can make some educated guesses based on feedback. Almost 85% of emails we receive are from dermatologists, plastic surgeons, or aesthetic physicians who are running medical spas, or want to open a medspa. The other 15% of feedback we receive is divided between managers, aestheticians, Physicians Assistants, Nurses and business owners. Those percentages may be slightly skewed by postings and comments where a lesser percentage (it seems to be around 70%) are written by physicians or nurses. You can see for yourself by reading our Medspa Physician to Physician Q&A or Medical Spa Business Q&A here.

Medical Spas Online launched as a resource for physicians and medical spa businesses in June/July 2005. To have 2000 medical spa professionals reading us eight months later is fantastic. We appreciate all the support that we've received from physicians, owners, and professionals around the country. We've been adding a number of new features including our discussion areas and Current IPL & Laser Auctions on Ebay. We're working on building an independent technology review and supplier index so if you would like to be involved or have input, drop us a line.

Pitch coming here: If you're related to the Medical Spa market in a fundamental way, please consider submitting your info, articles, or press releases here. We receive many questions about operations, legal issues, advertising and the like. If you're in this area as a physician, medical spa business professional, technology or retail sales, medical law, or other area, please think about submitting an article or link, or just starting a discussion.
Note: Info may be sanitized before publication. Medical Spa Press Releases and sales pitches are fine but will be posted in their respective categories.

Note: You may read our point of view and editorial guidelines here. Medical Spas Online generates revenue exclusively from our readers clicking the advertising links on this site. We currently make around $2 per day which about covers half or our monthly hosting charges. So be kind in providing feedback.

The Editors, MSO