Medical Spa Turf Wars Rage On

aestheticRN posted this entry:

If you are a current med spa owner or prospective owner in FL there is some legislation about to get passed that will limit you.

There are two bills, one is Senate Bill 1420 (SB 1420) basically it says that only MDs can perform laser hair removal or electrologists or NP's under direct on site supervision. If you are a medical director for a spa this means you physically have to be on site when laser hair removal is being done.

The second bill, House Bill 699cs states that if your aesthetic practice is primarily skin care you must be a dermatologist or plastic surgeon. If your a family practitioner or anything else you can not own or supervise this type of practice. Skin care can include any and everything done on/to the skin (laser, peels, microderm, blue light tx, etc.). This bill also limits the # of practices an MD can supervise.