Cutera Xeo ND Yag For Leg Veins

I have to say I've been unimpressed with Cutera Xeo and its ND Yag laser for vein treatments.

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We took possession of one of these Xeos about two months ago and have since treated a couple of patients, including some of our physicians and staff so that we could keep close tabs on both how well we thought it works as a treatment, the efficacy, time, etc. I have to say that we're somewhat unimpressed. My staff of physicians are really down on it, having used is on their own leg veins and seeing either such light results as to be nothing, or actually an increase in the visibility of the veins, which is exactly what we didn't want.

Another problem was found where, after a Yag treatment, one of my staff was injected with Sclerotherapy and had a previously unseen  and unwanted reaction in which the vein blanched black, something none of my physicians had ever seen before. One of our physicians was a big proponent of this Cutera, but as I said, we've so far been less than impressed. I would like to hear if anybody else has better results.

Laser treatment for veins, of course, are becoming increasingly popular and, to be honest, they're more profitable since they seem to be worth more to the patient and hence, you can charge more. At one of the seminars or symposiums I came away with the feeling that great reactions from a treatment with  lasers hovers around 5%, which I find abysmal.

Anybody with views, I'm happy to hear them because that's about a $130,000 piece of equipment and I would like to be able to get some use out of it rather than getting rid of it. I have to get multiple physicians to agree on it however.