Palomars Medilux, Starlux, & Estelux

108877076562223017403.jpgThe Palomar Starlux is being sold in droves and has created a heavy secondary market for their Medilux and Estelux platforms.

The Starlux has a significant power increase over the Medilux and the ability to add any head they want. Supposedly, the Fractal heads from Palamar (or the Fractal rip off head) should be available soon.

For many treatments, however, the Medilux or the Estelux have enough power. In fact, you might now want to have all the power that the Starlux has because you have to be a little bit careful, depending upon the heads you're using.

An interesting note is that the Estelux head works perfectly well on the Medilux, except that the plastic part around the connection is a different configuration. I have seen Estelux heads configured so that they run on perfectly Medilux devices, making the cost per head dramatically lower. I wouldn't be surprised if somebody actually turns this into a business.

Does anyone know where Estelux heads can be configured to run on a Medilux?