Medical Spa Legal Issues: New Q&A Discussion Area

I added a new discussion area called medical spa legal Q&A


In order to address a host of questions that I receive by e-mail and are carried on in discussion threads in other areas about what is legal or illegal, how physicians can structure a business with a non-physician, who can perform treatments, what the scope of practice is, what constitutes direct medical oversight, how you find out what your state regulations are, etc.

I have noticed that there have been a number of postings by non-physicians that are blatantly wrong, and so we are offering the legal area in order to have a little continuity where our physicians can get information that is at least slightly moderated and not full of spam and nonsense. If you have a question about any of the legal aspects of running, owning, operating a medical spa, read the medspa business discussion or the physician to physician threads as well as some of the other postings about opening a medical spa, building a medical spa inside your practice, etc.

None of the comments or posts are offered as legal advice. Consult your attorney before you do anything stupid.