Lipodisolve: Mesotherapy Horror Posts!

ringus-1.jpg&usg=__79pxaAQjEwxqEL3g6bre0y0F-Ow=These posts about mesotherapy were taken from discussion threads on this site.

The individual comments have been removed from the discussion threads for obvious reasons but are reposted here:

Yono writes: I am a nail salon owner and learned it from a friend. It works great and you do not need a prescription ! Go online for the best prices and instruction. Mesotherapy is great for anyone and you don't have to go to France!

JJlin writes: Anyone can perform mesotherapy. I tell people its cheaper to inject yourself in the comfort of your own home. You can purchase sterile needles and mesotherapy injectables online, compounding pharmacies, just about anywhere. Instructions online as well.

Aestheticianspa writes: I perform manicures, mesotherapy, botox, and laser hair in my garage transformed into a spa like office. I think anyone can do it as long as you have a doctors lisc. Just send em the check every month. :)

And Cosmo: Its pretty safe and effective. You can pick up the solution at any compounding pharmacy or online and inject it yourself. I tried it many times on a friend. Real easy for anyone. Go for it.

JJlin again: I agree w/ Cosmo. Who cares if it works or not? Everyone should get into Mesotherapy. Its cheap, easy and good cash.

Where to begin. It seems hard for me to believe that this kind of activity is actually happening let alone there are those who are posting that injecting yourself or others in the comfort of your home or garage is a good idea. The stupidity is overwhelming.

If you are injecting anyone and are not a licensed medical provider you are practicing medicine without a license, a felony in every state. If you are injecting yourself you are just plain stupid and should be removed from the gene pool as fast as possible. It's no wonder that mesotherapy has a hit-and-miss reputation for being pseudo-garage-science.