Ribbon Lift: Another face lift wannabe?

I posted on the Silhoutte Sutures. Now for the Ribbon Lift, another attempt to create a more effective featherlift.

Ribbon Lift just had a story plug on one of the entertainment tonight shows. The ribbon looked as though you'd be able to feel it quite well while it was under the skin. I can't imagine patients (or their husbands) liking that too much. That it's bioabsorabable makes me wonder about the long term results. 3-5 years as a claim seems suspect. Any thoughts or questions are welcome in the comments.

From an ABC story on the Ribbon Lift.

Dr. Gregory Keller has been doing the ribbon lift for about two years now. He starts with an incision right behind the ear.

"We pull the muscle back and then the skin scars back down to the muscle and it's held in place there while it dissolves for about two to three months," Dr. Keller said.

The endotine ribbon device is fashioned with several hooks along its length. It grabs on to the muscle and allows the surgeon to pull up the loose skin.

Pamela is getting four ribbons put in. Dr. Keller says patients usually recover within a week although many have returned to work a lot sooner. He say the procedure has very few side effects that could include bruising. And the results can last anywhere from three to five years.


To eliminate sagging skin on face, a new procedure called “Ribbon Lift” . The procedure is safe alternative to the current face lift procedures being offered.

Review of Ribbon Lift face lift procedure
a. The Ribbon lift procedure involves making an incision behind the ear and placing a a bioabsorbable ENDOTINE Ribbon™ to hold the muscle back and allow the surgeon to tighten loose skin.
b. The bioabsorabable ribbon which has hooks is dissolved in a period of 2-3 months.
c. The recovery time is maximum a week.
d. It has few side effects like bruising etc.
e. Results last from 3-5 years.