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The "Dermacare Laser & Skin Care Clinics" logo at one time appeared on this page. Dermacare sent me a nasty cease and desist letter so I've taken it down. You'll have to use your imagination.


The post on 'what's wrong with medspa franchises' is usually somewhere near the top of the list of most view posts on medical spa MD. The comments below were made on that thread. I'm reposting them here.

For all intents, these posts are anonymous. On one had I can understand that Dermadoc and Fiona might not want to be identified if they're offering less than flattering comments on a business relationship they're in. On the other handt, they're anonymous. So... DermaDoc and/or Fionna, please contact me through the email link here. I'd very much like to contact you. (I maintain all correspondence in absolute confidence.) Here are the comments:

From DermaDoc 

"I appreciate the opportunity to get a few things out in the open about one of the 'up and coming' MedSpa franchisors - Dermacare.
We have been associated with them for nearly 24 months and have found A LOT of problems, beginning with the 'song and dance' of the franchises being sold at a phenomenal rate because they are so successful. The numbers they disclosed were impressive, but in fact included the Master Region clinics that were under contract to be opened over the next 5 years, not those that were in process currently.
Their Gold Standard procedures were oddly enough only available through one laser manufacturer, Cutera, whose products you are obligated to purchase. I always found it hard to believe that one company can have the state-of-the-art technology for all procedures.
Dealing with corporate is like a revolving door - it takes a long time to get an answer to your question because the person you asked yesterday is already gone and likely took all their notes along with them. It seems as though the majority of the staff is involved in the legal department, which is an eyebrow raiser in itself. Marketing assistance is essentially 'send us money and we'll do it from Scottsdale'. There is a strong sense of denial that marketing in Scottsdale is different than marketing on the East or West Coasts. While they do furnish extensive manuals and background materials for franchisees, a review of the contents shows that it is focused more on what the franchisee must do to avoid having their rights revoked (which has happened to more than one franchisee), than what the franchisor is doing to help create a successful enterprise.
Dermacare does require on-site physician oversight, which I believe is quite valuable to the patients, but they are creating a smoke-and-mirrors image that is leaving a bad taste in the mouths of more than a few of its franchisees.
Thanks for listening to a late night rant!" - DermaDoc

And from Fionna:

"DermaDoc, I worked at a Dermacare facility where there was no physician "on site." I am a midlevel who was there "in place of" the doc. Has something changed in that they now require on-site physician supervision? I find that hard to believe since the physician had his own practice and was off-site most of the time." - Fionna