Dermacare Medical Spa Franchises Unite?

 big-trouble.gifJust when I thought I was out of the Dermacare saga...

I had an interesting weekend. I spent a fair amount of it talking to and exchanging emails with unhappy Dermacare medical spa franchises. Sheesh... It's a hornets nest. One of the Dermacare owners sent me this email from Carl Mudd, Dermacare's CEO: 

From: Carl Mudd [mailto:]
Sent: Monday, February 05, 2007 6:54 PM
To: Carl Mudd
Subject: Blog email

To All Franchisees:

   I wanted to make everyone aware of this press we are getting in this public chat space. This type of thing hurts all of us and takes money from the pockets of all franchisee's as this is clearly available to the entire public.

   Perhaps those of you who find this type of thing offensive could respond appropriately.



Carl Mudd

CEO/ President
Dermacare Laser & Skin Care Clinics(R)
DLC Dermacare LLC
4835 E. Cactus Rd. Suite 345
Scottsdale , AZ 85254
(602) 424-0788 Phone
(602) 424-0811 Fax
(877) 700-0788 Toll Free

Offensive? It seems that there's much unrest in Dermacare land.

The first two years of owning a franchise are historically the 'honeymoon period' in which the franchisor offers the most support and training. Franchisees tend to get more unhappy as time goes by since the franchisor has less to offer. The trouble with a franchise as young as Dermacare does not bode well.

First, while I was not a recipient of Mr. Mudds email, his reference to 'offensive' makes me think I should make my position know lest you a think I've got a history with Dermacare.

Mr. Mudd says that this is taking money out of all Dermacares franchisees pockets. Ehh?

The real problem for Dermacare and Mr. Mudd is not potential Dermacare patients who might stumble across this site, it's the physicians who are reading and may have second thoughts about getting involved with a business in which the franchisees are terrified that Dermacare will find out who they are... and the existing Dermacare franchises who now have a place to post their opinions in a group without having to remain in isolation.

Since DermaDoc first started commenting I've received three other direct contact (by phone or email) from Dermacare franchise owners. While I still don't know who DermaDoc is, I now know some others... and they're even less happy than DermaDoc. I've been sworn to secrecy but suffice it to say that there's trouble brewing. I don't have much experience with Dermacare (other than their threatening letters) but the owners seem to think that it's run by the Sopranos and if anyone finds out they've talked Paulie Wallnuts will be by to wack'em. 

Here's the consensus from the four contacts I've received (Three owners and one in 'corporate'.)

  • No one is happy with Dermacares corporate support. It sounds errily like Ron's experience with Sona.
  • Dermacare's turnover at headquarters must be tremendous. Three of the four mentioned that they're constantly working with new people who they don't know. 
  • They're ecstatic that this site exists and that there's a venue where they can air their grevences without being identified and targeted for cement shoes.
  • They don't want to say what they really think since they're already in Dermacare's boat and don't want to sink it underneath them.

 So I'm going to post a new thread for discussing medical spa franchises. If you're an owner or medical director, please feel free to comment or contribute. If you're one of the owners who Mr. Mudd feels should be running to Dermacares defense or feel that this site's 'offensive', we're happy to hear from you too.

So, while I'll occasionally mention Dermacare, Sona, Sleek, American Laser Clinics, Solana, Solara, and whoever, it's up to you as individual readers to draw conclusions.