Dermacare, Sona, American Laser Centers, & the rest.

We'll, since I posted that Dermacare sent Medical Spa MD a cease and desist letterthere's been a flury of activity with Dermacare franchise owners commenting and emailing me.

health_20060908_niptuck_wrappedface.jpg&usg=__9rlejfFHASWQrR99EnhKUzsl6O4=DermaDoc comments: "Just checking to see if anyone has heard from any other of my fellow Dermacare franchisees? News about this blog is circulating around the organization but in somewhat hushed tones, presumably to not incur the wrath of the corporate behemoth. We'll keep watching."

Actually, I've received a couple of emails. I'm surprised to see how clandestine this has become. Evidently all the owners feel that Dermacare would retaliate in some way if they were able to be identified.

It's not my intention to do a hatchet job on anyone. Certainly, there are Dermacare, Sona, American Laser Clinic, Inaara, Solara, Sleek, and other medspa franchise owners who are among the most active readers and contributers to this site. 

But, in my opinion, the current batch of  franchisee medical spas and laser clinics have serious flaws for both physicians and consumers. Of course some medspa franchises are worse than others, but I'm not a big fan of any of the current systems. Perhaps they'll change. Perhaps they'll win me over. Certainly it's obvious to those who do comment that I'm not editing them in any way. If there is anyone who's a big proponent of any medspa franchise, I'm happy for them to comment and explain their position and detail their benefits.

Of course, I've asked for happy medspa franchise owners to comment before... So far no takers. Not one. From the hundreds and hundreds of comments on this site, there's never been one glowing review from a happy medspa franchise owner. The silence is deafening.

Of course there's sometimes manipulation. I posted a poll on Does Thermage work on this site and know (I can see IP addresses) that there were Thermage reps who cast a large number of positive votes. (I'm going to redo that poll along with others which will make it harder to cheat.)

Just wanted to be clear since I know that Dermacare, ALC, Sona and the rest are reading this blog, let's hear from some happy medspa franchise owners. Comon' guys, here's your chance. Let's hear something along the lines of Midwest's comments about this site on the post from that Dermacare letter.

 Here's some snippets... (This makes me blush.)

" Oh sweet are the Angie's List of the cosmetic industry!"
"Thank God I have you as a resource medicalspamd."
"Viva MedicalSpaMd..."

See, Let's hear that from a medspa franchise owner. And no, Midwest is not my mom.