Medical Spa Videos: From the LA Medspa Expo.

Medical%20Spa%20Expo%20Logo.jpgIf you haven't been to one of the Medical Spa Expos, here's your chance to see what you're missing.

I went to the first six or eight. The format is conventional (pun). There is a vendor floor with sales booths including products, technologies and services. It ranges from incense burners to liposuction cannulas. There's also a classroom component where speakers also talk about their businesses. They try to keep the level of self aggrandizement and pitches to a minimum but what are you going to do when you have a franchise talking to physicians about how to run a medical spa. Duh?

The event is one giant sales pitch. Expect it and if you go take it for granted. They're not putting on this event for charity. 

I was sent a link to this eight part series of videos on YouTube: Rey visits the Spa Resort/ Medical Spa Expo at the LA Convention Center. Here's the first in the series of interviews with vendors so you can feel just like you're walking the floor.


If you've never been to one of these events and don't know the first thing about what you're doing it's probably not a bad idea. Don't think you're going to come out ready to launch.

 The favorite class I attended was at the Miami Medspa Expo where I was lured into a talk titled "How to make $1,000,000 per treatment room, right now!" The premise? You never let a client leave the treatment room until they've purchased $100 or more in product and scheduled another treatment. That was quite literally the point. Tackle the patient if you have to and rummage through her purse. Of course! Why didn't I think of that.

]It was ridiculous and the only thing that struck me as being more ludicrous than the speaker is that there were docs in the room hanging on every word.

If you're a doc that could get suckered into believing someone who so obviously doesn't know what they're talking about, don't go. This is like crack for you since the real benefits are derived by reading between the lines and not taking everything at face value.

There are actually some people there who know what they're talking about. Angela Caponi from Juva in NY and  Alexis from Lexi Designs are two I'd put in this category.

Just be careful and don't check your brain at the door. If what you're hearing doesn't make sense... it just doesn't make sense. Bullshit is not unheard of in sales.