Thermage: Do plastic surgeons hate everything non-surgical?

First, I'll state that I like Thermage.

But plasticized raises the questions that have been haunting Thermage since the early days.

thermage.jpgThermage is a radiofrequency device that is meant to create skin tightening and collagen remodeling. It takes multiple treatments to acheive desired results, and is somewhat uncomfortable.

There seems to be a growing consensus among surgeons that Thermage is not everything they hoped it would be. When looking at a presentation by the medical device company that sells Thermage, it is at times difficult to distinguish between the before and after images. We have to strain our eyes to tell the difference (see here). Also, issues with fat atrophy and scarring have surfaced.

The issues story about Thermage fat atropy and scarring that plasticized points to:.

"I was shocked and dismayed over the scars that resulted from this reportedly safe and non-invasive procedure,” said thermage patient, Laurie.

Thanks to White, Laurie doesn't appear to be disfigured. At first glance, you can't tell she suffered second-degree burns to her neck. It's taken her two years of reconstructive procedures, but today she hopes White can hide her last remaining scars.

 Of course my account rep Chris addressed these questions with me just last week. I've invited Chris to submit some posts and rise up to defend Thermage's name. He's said that he'll check with corporate to see if they'll let him.