Medical Spa MDs: What's your problem?

OK,  since 90% of poll takers responded that they'd like something enough to pay at least something, it looks like I'll write something on medical spas. Of course if Dermacare starts voting that number might drop.

questionmark.gifSo I thought I'd ask for input as to what, if any, information the 10k monthly readers of this site would like to know more about (yes... increasing new patient flow will be in there automatically) 

Operations? Hiring? Technology? Finaincing? Where to buy a whetstone to sharpen your Botox needles so you can resue them? How to compensate your minions? How to keep get out of a medical spa franchise? Non-compete agreements?.... whatever. 

I'd just like some imput and interaction that can help provide some guidence about what you'd like to know the most so I don't waste as much time as I might.

Just leave a comment or send me an email.