Medspa Nightmare: Erbium Laser Resurfacing by Non-Physicians.

I had lunch today with a NP who had left a medspa chain a few months ago. (I won't identify him or the medspa chain since I didn't speak to him about posting this.)

moles2.jpgDuring our conversation we discussed why he had left the medspa he was with after only eight months. He reeled off a list of things that caused him to feel that he wasn't a good fit but there was one thing that took me by complete surprise. He told me that the 'estheticians were performing erbium laser resurfacing'.

I thought that I must have misunderstood, but no, this medspa chain has a erbium laser and the technicians are the ones performing the treatments. Not docs, not NP's not PA's... just estheticians on their own.

Errrr..... that's not good and I said so. In fact, as far as I know, it's illegal on any number of fronts.

I'm wondering what everyones reaction is to this?