How much can a Medical Spa make?

 Dermadoc got me thinking with a comment he left on this Dermacare Franchise post:

MINI-UNIKKO_PIENIKUKKARO%20yellow.JPG"I will say that Dermacare offered no help whatsoever with suggestions in setting up the business or tax structure, HR for the folks we hired ( other than to force them to sign a non-disclosure agreement), or even how to address the competition locally (apparently 'We are Dermacare, tremble before our might!' was supposed to send the competition scurrying.)

'MedSpas' can be a fun business - I have a great time with the patients. It can also cost a fortune to get up and running if you don't do your homework, and franchisors truly only have some of the answers. I don't think I will ever make a million dollars with my little slice of heaven here, but it's mine and that's the important thing for me."

In general I don't like to comment on how much Surface makes. Certainly it depends on the clinic and other conditions, but I'm supprised a bit by DermaDocs comment that he feels that he won't every make a million dollars. Now while you may not take home a million dollars, a million in gross sales is very possible... if you know what you're doing.

Dermadocs comment that Dermacare offered no help or suggestions with business structure, taxes, HR leaves me absolutly dumbfounded. What the hell are you paying for DermaDoc?

We need to talk. 

I talk to somewhere between 5 and 10 physicians a week. Most are looking to try to enter or start a 'medical spa' but a fair number are already open or looking for training.  For many if not most physicians in this area, they're making a few thousand extra dollars a month and they're good with that. Of course if you're running an actual business, that just won't cut it. I'm curious about what everyone thinks is attainable or what you're goals are?