Medspa MD update

update.jpgI've dropped off the frequency of my posts of late. Of course there's a couple of reasons for that. My daughter brought home a nasty little bug that laid me low with a temp of 105.4 last week, and then there's always other business, personalities, and relationships that need managing.

The comments on the Derm and Dermacare threads have taken on something of a life of their own which is both informative and interesting.

There will be some new authors posting to the front page. I've invited some regular commenters to write more about their medspas and what their up to. We'll see what kind of insights we gain.

There are a number of contacts I have with some of the technology companies. I've been thinking that I should approach them about pitching their technologies here where they can be commented on and questioned in what's as near to a level playing field as anyone can really expect.

Anyway, 1 pm on a Sunday morning. I'm going to bed.