Propaganda MD: It's getting closer...

The marketing arm of Medical Spa MD is almost ready to launch.

I've previously boasted that Medspa MD is going to print you money. It's almost ready and we may be able to launch the first iteration in ten days or so.

Since I first posted, we've made a number of improvements that should make this new marketing site the best solution for any cosmetic practice.

Here's some of the cool stuff:

  1. Get permission from a patient to use a photo and quote in your advertising.
  2. Upload that stuff and enter the patients home address. (This is for the list. It's not shown anywhere.)
  3. Send it to the 100 closest mailing addresses that fit whatever criteria you want.
  • The newsletter (perhaps the best marketing you can do) will have some cool features as well:
    • The newsletter will be 8 page, full color and should be about $.89 printed and mailed. (If you can find anything like this I'll eat my left foot.)
    • Insert your own articles, logos, pictures, services and anything else you want. (You can also run the existing articles if you want.)
    • If you want, you can upload ads for other local businesses (Cosmetic dentists? Day Spas?) to help defray your costs.
    • We're talking to some national advertisers who may want to be inserted to save you additional money: You will always have the choice of which ads run or are deleted so you can take the money offer or not.

Anyway, that's the direction we're headed. If you can think of anything that you'd like to see just email me or comment. There's more than a few tens of thousands of dollars riding on this so I'd like to make sure it's perfect.

Oh, and by the way, join Medical Spa MD, members will receive somewhere around $500 in free printing so make sure you're on that list.