Opening a medspa? MD thinks lasers may be to big a leap.

MDmd is thinking that opening a medical spa or laser center may be more than he wants to bite into.

MDmd says: "I have been off the internet for a while, and wow, I've missed some interesting stuff here! LH, thank you for taking the time to post a thoughtful and helpful response to my question. It seemed obvious to me that you speak from experience, and that you are an open and honest person who is kind enough to share your knowledge. (Same goes for Dexter.) I have found this site very helpful for the reasons Jeff lays out.

In any case, I have gained enough insight here to know that I am not going to venture into the world of lasers. It's too big of a risk for me. Thank you to Jeff and the contributors to this site, who have opened my eyes to the realities and pitfalls of this business."

It's true that while there are many pitfalls and that there are sharks ready and willing to take your money, it's certainly not all bad. It's a difficult decision and not for everyone but I have yet to see a situation where a well run clinic that is setup correctly doesn't succeed and a physician who enters the market and has some success, doesn't want more. The market is growing fast and  that creates conditions where even poorly run clinics can squeeze by.

But, unless you're committed to it I'd guess that you're making the right decision. Of course you should keep an open mind and perhaps change it later when your comfort level is greater. This site offers a wealth of experience and insight. Sure, it's the troubles and assholes that get the majority of attention but there are plenty of success stories as well.

The smartest think you're doing is taking a step back and not rushing in. There's plenty of time to make a decision later.